• Expert Q&A: Ron Bitely

    During his keynote speech on Day 2 of both Ultrasound World XII and Reliable Asset World III, Ron Bitely of Arizona Chemical spoke of the importance of having a “North Star” – a common goal to which all members of an organization must align for continued success.

  • Conference recap: Reliable Asset World III

    Though it doesn’t have as long a tenure as Ultrasound World, this May in Clearwater Beach, Florida, Reliable Asset World proved why it’s been such a huge hit over its first two years. The third-annual conference featured some of the best and brightest in the world of reliability and preventive maintenance.

  • Conference recap: Ultrasound World XII

    This year’s conference continued the string of successful, well-attended events at sunny, beautiful Clearwater Beach, Florida. Let’s take a look back atĀ Ultrasound World XII and point out some of the highlights.

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