• Recap: Ultrasound World XI and Reliability Asset World II presentations

    It’s been about a week since the conclusion of Ultrasound World and Reliability Asset World, but many of us are still reveling in the valuable insight, meaningful connections and new tools we came home with. As a result, we’ve summarized some of the key takeaways from the conferences.

  • Q&A: John Prather and Mark Atchison, Amazon

    John Prather and Mark Atchison from Amazon sat down to speak with us about some of their RCM successes with their program with Amazon, how they implemented it and why conferences such as Ultrasound and Reliability Asset World are so essential to sharing knowledge and continuous improvement.

  • Q&A: Dave Reiber, GM and Perficient

    Dave Reiber, formerly of GM and currently with Perficient, spoke with us about the importance of asset maintenance and the role Ultrasound World plays in spreading information.

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