Bearing and Lubrication Resources

The major cause of premature bearing failure is lubrication related.

A program utilizing Ultrasound assisted lubrication can improve bearing life and prevent premature bearing failure.

Lack of Lubrication is a sure way to damage a bearing and cause potential seizure of operation.

Over Lubrication creates heat, breaks seals, destroys tolerances, damages the bearing and can allow grease to enter and destroy a motor.

By using a combination of the Ultraprobe 15,000 and the Ultraprobe 401 Digital Grease Caddy Pro, you can extend bearing life and keep your motors running.

Follow this simple plan:

• Monitor bearings with the Ultraprobe 15,000

• Identify bearings in need of lubrication

• DO NOT lubricate bearings that are not identified!

• Lubricate with our Ultraprobe 401 Digital Grease Caddy Pro
it will tell you when to stop, provide essential lube date, including the amount of grease used.

Follow this plan and YOU can prevent premature bearing failure and save your motors from potential damage.



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