Iowa Pollution Prevention Internship Program

In this webinar webinar we learn about the Iowa Pollution Prevention Internship Program & the great results that came from their work using ultrasound for steam trap testing.

Steam is widely used across all industries for mechanical power production, space heating, and process applications. While water is relatively inexpensive, non-hazardous and an efficient energy carrier, the energy costs to heat the water and generate steam can add up quickly. An inefficient steam system can also be hard on boilers and process equipment and lead to failures and increased maintenance and downtime.

In this webinar, Badrinath Balasubramaniam and Andrew Nurse, interns with the 2018 Iowa Pollution Prevention Intern Program, will discuss using ultrasonic leak detection to conduct assessments and identify inefficiencies in the steam systems at their host companies. A case study will also be presented of a large steam project at a state facility that completed implementation in 2019.

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