New Year’s Maintenance Resolutions

December 15th, 2016

Each new year brings opportunities for change, growth, and new resolutions. Whether you're planning to hit the gym more, pick up a new hobby, or just eat better, January 1 generally brings a slew of commitments everywhere from social media to the workplace. Though a lot of people drop their new resolutions a few weeks after New Year's Day, it's the perfect time to commit to a more robust, effective, and practical maintenance regimen in your workplace.

Malfunctioning machinery, steam leaks, improper lubrication, and other maintenance issues represent a vampiric drain on your plant's efficiency. While the individual losses may be small, they can add to up to massive costs over a long timescale and continuous operation. When small issues metastasize into equipment failure, the costs soar even higher as entire lines or even facilities need to shut down for maintenance.

To help you avoid these kind of disasters, take a look at this list of New Year's Maintenance Resolutions for you and your team.

1. Commit to a more proactive maintenance plan
There are a lot of different ways to manage your maintenance plan. You can behave reactively, fixing problems as they crop up. You can take a predictive approach, trying to get ahead of failures and responding accordingly. Best of all you could commit to a truly proactive and continuous maintenance plan in 2017, ensuring that your plants and lines continue to operate at peak efficiency.

2. Train up your staff
The best-laid plans of maintenance professionals go awry when the staff charged with working on them lack sufficient training. Inconsistent practices, haphazard implementation or improper equipment usage can all undermine good initiatives. Though training may carry additional costs, those expenses should be paid back several times when your team reaches new levels of effectiveness.

Training your staff on the latest techniques is vital.Training your staff on the latest techniques is vital.

3. Investigate new technologies
The world of maintenance technologies evolves every year – perhaps not dramatically, but steadily. With each new product or advancement, it's important to reconsider the solutions you're using in your own plants. Perhaps you need to add ultrasound testing to an existing plan, or maybe you should look at the tech you're using to monitor your lubrication systems.

4. Revisit safety measures
While efficiency, smooth operation, and uptime are great things, there's an even more important consideration at every plant: worker safety. Keeping your workforce safe and healthy must be a primary goal for every operations and maintenance professional. Pay special attention to steam traps, lines and ductwork, as they represent particularly hazardous elements of any facility.

5. Broaden your professional horizons
No one person can necessarily comprehend or research all the facets of a field as complex as industrial maintenance and monitoring. Fortunately, you don't have to tackle these kind of issues alone – firms and industry groups hold a variety of professional conferences, meetings, and other gatherings. At such events, you can network with other professionals who share your concerns and interests, learn about new technologies, and share your own hard-earned knowledge with your peers.

UE Systems hosts or exhibits at a number of events throughout the world, including Maintec, and the annual Ultrasound World and Reliable Asset World in Clearwater Beach, Florida. Check us out!

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