Platinum Sponsor Spotlight: Allied Reliability

May 10th, 2017

UE Systems is excited to welcome Allied Reliability Group as our Platinum Sponsor for Reliable Asset World and Ultrasound World, kicking off today in Clearwater Beach, Florida. Allied offers best-in-class services and consulting in condition monitoring, electrical services and reliability solutions.

Running the booth from Allied will be Joe Lochard, Director of Business Development for Reliability Solutions and Shannon Livingston, Business Development Manager focused on Condition Monitoring Services and Solutions. In addition, UE Systems is pleased to host the talk "Establishing the Correct KPIs for Reliable Operations" as part of the week's programming.

Condition Monitoring as a Service

You can stop by Allied's exhibit to learn more about their Condition Monitoring as a Service (CMaaS) model, a collection of components, solutions and support engineered to improve failure mode-driven programs.

conference attendees watch talkAllied Reliability Group will be presenting at Reliable Asset World 2017.

The goal is to extend equipment life while driving higher profitability backed by the Reliability Management System, a cloud-based platform for data storage, analysis, and reporting that drives failure mode tracking, task management and program KPIs.

Allied will also be representing partner firm T.F. Hudgins, with whom they provide unique and integrated asset reliability and protection solutions.

Reliable Asset World starts today, and we're getting ready to greet all our sponsors and partners!

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