Spotlight on Generation Systems

May 11th, 2017

First-time conference attendee Generation Systems is taking on an ambitious role for a rookie as one of our Silver Sponsors! But while they might be new to Ultrasound World and Reliable Asset World, Generation Systems is no novice when it comes to predictive maintenance best practices. Let's take a look at what the organization will bring to the table.

"The No. 1 cause of asset failure is poor lubrication."

Industrial manufacturers are taking lubrication more seriously

We spoke with Eric Rasmusson at Generation Systems about some of the things he's most looking forward to – and without a doubt, the increasing focus on responsible lubrication tops the list. Generation Systems produces a software platform that can improve technicians' efficiency by as much as 50 percent through better lubrication techniques and workflow management.

The No. 1 cause of asset failure is poor lubrication – and finally, manufacturers are catching on. That makes Eric's job a bit easier, especially given the amount of thought and work that can go into adequate lubrication. It isn't just about knowing how much grease to use – it's also about knowing which type to use, analyzing fluids, checking internal components and more.

On an annual basis, most plants will do more lubrication tasks than any other maintenance discipline, so having a software program to direct routes and provide valuable control is a huge advantage.

Building a better lubrication strategy

Generation Systems has worked closely with UE Systems over the years – most notably by participating in "Luberuary" this past February. Generation Systems provided a lubrication webinar, which received a lot of positive feedback. With the invitation to the conference, Eric is excited to follow up on some of the connections he made through Luberuary and interface with folks who are truly committed to predictive maintenance. By now, everyone who wants a successful PdM program knows lubrication is key. Generation Systems can take that lubrication strategy to the next level.

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