Technical Specs

Ultrasonic Condition Alert 586 Technical Specs

Standard specifications for the UCA 586 are as follows:

Specifications: Electrical Specifications
Detection Frequency: 25-50 kHz
Power Supply Requirements: 20-30 VDC 200 mA


1. 0-10 VDC Linear output
Transfer Function: dB / VDC
>Scale: 1 VDC = 4dB input level
Dynamic Measurement Range: 40 dB

2. 4-20 mA DC Linear Output
Transfer Function: dB/mA DC
Scale: 1mA DC = 2.5 dB Input Level
Dynamic Measurement Range: 40 dB

3. Alarm Output
Open Collector Rated @ 24 VDC, 10 mA
Threshold Level: Adjustable Over The Ouput Range. Alarm output stops conducting when input level exceeds the threshold level (set point)

4. Demodulated (Audio) output
90 dBa at full scale ouput into 16 ohms
3 dB Bandwidth approx. 6kHz

5. Threshold Sense
Low Impedance output which senses the threshold level (set point)

Dynamic input range: approx. 100dB
I/0 cable: RF Shielded, Standard 3 Meters for greater lengths consult factory
I/0 Connector: DB9
Transducer Input connector: BNC
Panel Adjustments: Sensitivity and threshold
Panel Indicators: Power “OK” (Blue)
Alarm, threshold exceeded (Red)

Environmental & Physical Specifications

Enclosure: Oil Resistant
Length: 4.3″
Width: 3.7″
Height: 1.9″
Operating Temperature: 0-60° C
Weight: 13.5 oz
Transducer: Piezo Electric
Stainless Steel Housing with BNC For Quick Disconnect
Dimensions: Diameter = 1.0″, Length = 2.4″
10/32″ Thread mounting hole
Transducer Cable: RF Shielded, Standard 3 meters for greater lengths consult factory
Warranty: 1 year parts/labor

Specifications subject to change without notice.

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