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Saving Time and Money with Ultrasound


Ultrasound World VIII Program Abstract

Presentation: Saving Time and Money with Ultrasound
Presenter: Charles Strawn, Vibration Tech, International Paper Company

Abstract: Finding bearing faults and looking for leaks is not the only way to save money.  After attending an Ultrasound Level I class I learned the benefits of using ultrasound along with vibration to save time and money. We had an old Sonic Scan which I had used to show cost saving ideals to management. It eventually justified the purchase of an Ultraprobe 15,000.  To learn more, I attended the Ultrasound Level II class. After returning from that class I started to build my routes. Our equipment is broken down into A, B, and C’s.

A’s being something that can shut the plant down, B’s being an environmental or process interruption and C’s are equipment that have spares or that will not be impactful on any process for a period of time.  One route has 300 vibration points.  I separated my A’s, B’s and C’s and tested the C’s with the UE gun. The time I saved for this one route was 4.5 hours.  I have a total of 28 routes so I had to show management the cost and time savings that we could archive using the ultrasound. This presentation will cover my experiences in saving time and money by making my routes more efficient.

Bio: Charles Strawn, Vibration Tech, International Paper Company
For the past three and a half years I have worked at the International Paper company Mansfield plant as a vibration tech.  Previously, at the age of 17 I started running shutdowns as a millwright helper and then a millwright. Five years later I got married and joined the U.S. Army. I spent three years in regular Army, three in Army Reserve and three in National Guard. Once out of army I went to running shut downs with several different companies: KBR, Zachry, turner, BE&K and several others. I finally settled down in Baton Rouge, Louisiana where I worked as a rotating equipment specialist foreman at Motiva Refinery and then at International Paper.  I was born in Oregon and transplanted to Louisiana at a young age. I have been married for 18 years, with 5 kids and two grand kids. I reside in the small town in Louisiana where we enjoy hunting, fishing, camping and watching LSU Football.

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