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The Ultrasound Gun and the Infrared Camera


Ultrasound World VIII Program Abstract

Presentation: The Ultrasound Gun and the Infrared Camera
Presenter: David Zweigenbaum, Electronic Technician, General Mills

Abstract: In this presentation, I’ll review the history of preventive and predictive maintenance practices in our plant and how we came to use ultrasound and infrared as key parts of these programs.  I’ll explain how we use these technologies to identify bad bearings, prevent lubrication related problems, test gear boxes, sealed bearings and electric equipment.  I’ll also discuss how to find leaks in compressed air systems and how locate leaking steam traps.  I’ll cover some basic techniques we use to create a route, enter data into Ultratrend DMS and produce a report.

Bio: David Zweigenbaum, Electronic Technician, General Mills
David has an extensive technical background. In addition to working for four years as an electronics technician, Radar Branch of the US Navy, he spent many years in various types of industries including the Attractions industry, Glass industry, Recycle industry, Service industry, and the Food industry.  He has been employed in these industries as an electrician, technician or mechanic; in some of these he was all three at the same time.  David holds a Technical Diploma in electronics.

His presentation is about the technology and history of the preventative and predictive tools of today and their uses.

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