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Ultrasound Whitepapers

Find featured whitepapers on ultrasound here. We are constantly adding whitepapers all the time, so please check back.

Have a topic that you want more information on and think it would make a great whitepaper? Let us know.


How Subsurface Fatigue Leads to Bearing Failure: In this white paper Andy Page will discuss the various failure modes of bearings, including the role of lubrication and fatigue.

Training Wheels for Electrical Wave Files: This whitepaper discusses methods for evaluating wave files to determine the severity of electric ultrasonic emissions.

Electrical Equipment Screams for For Attention! Decoding High Frequency “S.O.S.” Calls: This whitepaper will discuss several instances where ultrasonic testing clearly uncovers hidden failures certain to cause interruptions if failure stage is achieved.

Ultrasonic Condition Monitoring: This whitepaper will review the basics of ultrasound technology, what is new to the technology and how it is used for condition monitoring to locate safety hazards, reduce energy waste and improve equipment availability.

Ultrasound Assisted Lubrication: Learn about the effectiveness of ultrasound assisted lubrication for reducing bearing failure incidents.

What do you mean Compressed Air Isn’t Free? We Use It Everyday!   This white paper discusses common errors regarding the use of compressed air and how to make changes that can reduce energy waste and add to the positive column of your company’s bottom line.

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