Software Sage: Reviewing the new Steam Report in DMS

February 26th, 2013

We have a new version of our Ultratrend DMS software available now on our website.  Included in this update are some new reports that we’re excited to share with you.  We’ve added a compressed air report and a steam report. In this month’s blog, I will be concentrating on the steam report.

The steam report is much like the compressed mixed gas and the compressed air reports because it will tell you roughly how much money you are wasting on one particular steam trap. In order for this report to work properly, you just need 4 things:
  1. Know what the inlet temperature is on the trap.
  2. Know what the outlet temperature is on the trap.
  3. Know the size of the orifice on the trap
  4. Know how much money you pay for your steam per 1000 lbs.

The temperatures and the orifice size will be documented within DMS and the cost will be documented within the Excel report. You can plug-in the temperature and orifice size manually for each individual trap you have in your route within DMS.  If you have one of our Ultraprobe 15,000’s, you would be able to plug those values directly into your instrument and when you are through, you would be able to download those values automatically from your 15 into DMS. (Click here to learn how youcan get your hands on a UP 15,000.)

Once you have finished with your steam route, you will need to highlight that group within DMS and then click on your report tab. There you will find our steam report. Just click on the “steam report” and then click on “Generate Selected Report.”  You will then need to create a name for this report and then click “OK.” When you click “OK,” you will have a box that will pop-up on your screen. This is your “Prepare Report” options.  Here you will be able to fine tune your report. You will have the ability to exclude certain things from your report, like Db’s, Model, pipe size, etc. Our team is always happy to help walk you through this customization, so never hesitate to call.

Once you have your “Prepare Report” the way you want it, just click “OK”  and DMS will then pull all the necessary data from your route and place them in your Excel report. Once the report is generated, click on your report to open it. When you open your report, look for the “cost” tab which will be located in the lower left corner of your report and click on it. Type your cost for that steam and then click on the “Data” tab. The “Data” tab will be located next to your “Cost” tab. Once you click the data tab, you will see how much money you are losing for each individual trap. The total loss for all steam traps will be located in your “cost” tab.

We hope you’ll view this report as another tool for fighting energy waste and for saving money! If you have any questions or want some assistance in customizing your reports, just give us a call: 800-223-1325.

Software Sage
Stan Hewlett

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