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Certified Ultrasound Training Programs with UE Systems

We set the standards for ultrasonic training

UE Systems offers a selection of training courses ranging from application specific to its widely popular certified Ultrasound Level I and II programs. Check the training schedule for courses on compressed air, steam, software and technology implementation.

Our certified courses are comprehensive 32-hour instructional ultrasound training programs for Level I and Level II Airborne Ultrasound Inspection. The Qualification, Training and Certification Program, UEQ-TC-1A is designed to meet the classroom requirements of the American Society of Nondestructive Testing (ASNT) Recommended Practice, SNT-TC-1A. Continuing Education Units from ASNT are also made available for most of these courses.  In addition, UE Systems Level I and Level II courses are in accordance with ISO 18436-8 which sets the standard for condition monitoring and diagnosis of machines.


Airborne Ultrasound is a nondestructive test. The effectiveness of airborne ultrasonic tests depends upon the capabilities of the personnel who are responsible for, and perform inspections. Certification is a written documentation of qualification. Certification is evidence that personnel performing airborne ultrasound possess knowledge and understanding of the test method and also gives the inspector the confidence needed to perform the inspection to the highest level of success. The certification courses meet the requirements of the American Society for Nondestructive Testing (ASNT) Recommended Practice, SNT-TC-1A, and are in accordance with ISO 18436-8.


Your place or ours? UE Training Systems can send instructors to your plant and administer training for Airborne Ultrasound Level I or Level II certified training programs.

Our 2.5 Day Technology Implementation course is conducted at your facility. This is an excellent opportunity to get hands on training for your entire team with the added benefit of practicing the skills learned on your own equipment. To arrange for a program, call or email us for details:

800-223-1325, international: +914-592-1220, info@uesystems.com
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