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Technology Implementation Courses

Accelerate the implementation of an ultrasound program by learning the basics of setting a route, hardware and software features.

These implementation course are ideally suited for maintenance groups who want to jump-start their ultrasound inspection program.

We offer two options – a 2.5 day & a 4 day course.

2.5 Day Implementation Course: 

Using hands-on experience both in the classroom and the plant, users will learn how to setup routes using the software and how to set their Ultraprobe instruments for effective inspections. You will learn how to:

  • Practice the operation of the Ultraprobe
  • Use Ultratrend DMS software
  • Set up groups of points to test
  • Upload points into the Ultraprobe
  • Establish baseline readings on a “Pilot” group (Approx. 50 – 200 test points based on access and configuration)
  • Download and organize the pilot group in DMS
  • Record and store sound files in the pilot group
  • Practice correct data acquisition techniques
  • Use Spectralyzer software
  • View and import sound files
  • Create a database, take baseline and subsequent readings, download information into DMS, and generate a report

For more information or to request a quote for a 2.5 Day Technology Implementation Course, please email: info@uesystems.com

4 Day Implementation Course:

* Introduction to Ultrasound equipment and theory
* Introduction to Applications and procedures
* Introduction to DMS and Spectralyzer Software
* Site walk down to identify assets that will be included on the inspection
* Database creation based on site walk down
* Acquire initial baseline data on routes created
* Establish alarm levels
* Introduction to analyzing sound recordings
* Introduction to report generation
* Wrap up meeting, review of weeks activities

The intent of the 4 Day Implementation is to create a database and acquire
baseline data on as many assets as possible in the allotted timeframe, while
instructing internal plant personnel on the proper procedures for both. At the
completion of the 4 days, the goal is that internal plant personnel will be able
to create new databases, acquire data, analyze data, and generate reports.

For more information or to request a quote for a 4 Day Technology Implementation Course, please email: info@uesystems.com

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