Advanced Trends in Compressed Air Best Practices Video

Advanced Trends in Compressed Air Best Practices

Presented by Rod Smith

If your factory has completed a “Phase 1” system assessment, congratulations but don’t rest on your laurels! This presentation on “Advanced Trends” provides examples of what Energy Managers, at leading manufacturing organizations, are doing to achieve “Best Practices” beyond data logging, leak audits, and the optimization of air compressor controls.

After the low-hanging fruit has been plucked in a “Phase 1” compressed air system assessment, Energy Managers at Ball Container, Honda, Visteon, and Saint Gobain didn’t stop. These Editorial Board Members of Compressed Air Best Practices Magazine share examples of projects done in eight areas: air flow measurement, shutdown optimization, heat recovery, air quality specifications, air pressure sub-zones, lowering plant pressure, optimizing pneumatics, and blow-off air optimization.

Rod Smith is the Publisher of Compressed Air Best Practices Magazine and All content is designed to educate industry on how to reduce the significant energy costs associated with compressed air systems. With twenty years of experience in the compressed air industry, Mr. Smith formerly held the positions of Vice President, Sales & Marketing for Quincy Compressor and SPX Hankison.

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