Case Study on Successful Ultrasound Program Implementation

In 2011 we decided to explore the advantages of Ultrasound. Although we were familiar with it we did not realize all of its potential. We wanted to become better at energy savings by utilizing Ultrasound for Air leaks and defective steam traps. This alone would save enough money in one year to justify purchase. We also found that Ultrasound was an effective tool in bearing lubrication based on sound waves verses time based Lubrication which did not always meet our needs because of varying run times between PM’s.
In 2012 we purchased UE 15000 and began the learning process needed to detect air leaks and faulty steam traps. We began the lubrication program on most of our Critical equipment. We remove our time based PM’s and now use Ultra sound only to lubricate (grease only) Critical equipment bearings. This took a lot of trust in the UE to do this.
The results so far have been very good. We have found faulty steam traps but have not yet calculated savings. The air leak surveys have been huge and because of the spreadsheet built into the software it is easy to capture savings. As for the Lubrication we are still learning and tend to error on the side of caution because this equipment is very critical. The level 1 training our Techs received certainly helped and we look forward to using ultra sound in areas we have not tried yet ( perhaps electrical ).

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