Ultrasound Cameras: avoiding energy waste by quickly finding compressed air leaks

We all know leaks are a huge source of waste, and we also know that maintenance teams don’t always have the time to carry on leak detection surveys – unless they are using an ultrasound camera!

We will show some examples, from different industries, where thousands were saved in a very short amount of time by conducting leak surveys with an ultraosund camera.

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These are some of the cases studies we will show you:

  • CNC machining manufacturer, 26 leaks found in 1 hour ($27,000 / year in savings)
  • Zinc and lead mine: 8 leaks detected in 20 minutes, $7,118 savings per year
  • $27,800 saved in 1 hour at pet food factory

Ultrasound cameras are, right now, the most effective instruments available for leak detection. These cases will give you a good overview of how they are being used across industry for quick leak detection and leak cost reporting.

In case you cannot access the case studies, request it directly to info@uesystems.com