When bearings fail, it’s often the lubrication’s fault

of premature bearing failure is caused by poor lubrication practice

You can dramatically reduce this number if you know exactly when and precisely how much lubrication your equipment needs at any given time. Never under or over lubricate your bearings again.

What is Condition-Based Lubrication?

Instead of applying grease according to a schedule, Condition-Based Lubrication applies grease according to need. Know exactly when to lubricate your bearings and how much grease to apply. Remove the guesswork and reduce bearing failures.

Stay in the sweet spot. Here’s how Condition-Based Lubrication works:


Ultrasound technology monitors changes in friction.


When the system detects changes of 8 decibels, you’ll either get an alert or the bearings will automatically get lubricated.


The exact amount of grease is applied to return friction to its normal baseline.


Ultrasound can monitor bearings and capture trends, lubricating as needed.

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