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Ultratrend DMS

Your Total Ultrasonic Data Management System

  • Datenmanagement-Software für industrielle Anlagen
  • Lizenz- & Gebührenfrei
  • Erstellen Sie Messrouten für Ihre Wälzlager
  • Verlust- & Schmierungsberichte erstellen
  • Verfolgen Sie den Zustand Ihrer Wälzlager & erstellen Sie Alarmschwellen.
  • DMS ist mit allen digitalen Ultraprobes verwendbar

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Manage your data, create routes, reports and alarms – all license free.

Ultratrend DMS is a data organizing software for creating and maintaining databases that apply to all the basic applications performed by the Ultraprobe models 3000, 9000, 10,000 and 15,000, as well as the 4Cast monitoring system.


Users can select Generic inspections, Bearings, Leaks, Valves, Steam and Electrical applications. It will store and organize records, provide reports, alarms and graphs.

Users will be able to transmit data from the Ultraprobe to a computer or from a computer to the Ultraprobe via a USB connection or SD card (Ultraprobe 10,000 and 15,000).

The Ultratrend DMS software package supports internet communication with the 4Cast monitoring system. 4Cast is a unique system that continuously logs bearing data and bearing sounds. At pre-set intervals, all stored data and sound samples are sent to a computer for reporting and analysis.

DMS Interface

The DMS Interface is similar in appearance and operation to Windows Explorer providing users with a “Record Hierarchy” view of the data and the ability to sort, organize and archive records.

The record hierarchy is: Plant—Application—Group—Location/Machine—Record. Each Record will maintain fields, which contain basic inspection data as well as a subsection for historical information. The hierarchy design of the program provides users with the capability of ever expanding data management.

The DMS Interface includes the 4Cast Editor, which is the configuration tool for interacting with 4Cast devices.


Ultratrend DMS makes it easy for the user to create reports about the data collected by the Ultraprobes or 4Cast. All reports are created in Excel file format. Examples of reports that can be created:

  • Leak cost report & potential savings
  • Steam loss report
  • Bearings‘ condition report, including alarms
  • Lubrication reports


Together with the 4Cast system, DMS is a powerful tool when it comes to creating & using alarms about the condition of bearings.

Users can create low or high alarms for each bearing and receive an e-mail warning when an alarm threshold is reached, providing a truly 24/7 monitoring solution.

The Ultratrend DMS software is free of licenses or fees and is a must-have for those using Ultraprobes or the 4Cast.

Technische Beschreibung Ultratrend DMS

Latest Version
PC or compatible
All digital Ultraprobes (UP3000, UP9000, UP10000, UP15000, UP401) and the 4Cast from UE Systems
Windows versions
Windows 10
Hard Drive Space
100 GB of Hard Drive space (Minimum)
4 GB of RAM required, 8 GB of RAM recommended
Database in SQL format
License free, no fees and no cost for updates

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