Who We Are

At UE Systems, we believe that every person regardless of their industry, company size, experience and budget should have the tools and support to help their facilities operate more efficiently, reliably, and safer. We do this by providing a portfolio of ultrasound solutions designed to be versatile and simple to use.

Since 1973, we’ve helped thousands of customers across the world prevent equipment failures, identify energy losses, and return home safe to their families and we are just getting started. Join us as we continue to grow to support our mission in the relentless pursuit of customer excellence.

Our People

They Own Their Day

We do not micro-manage. You are responsible for your region and the customers within it. Our team understands that some days may be longer, and some may be shorter and that maintaining the right work-life balance is crucial in a non-traditional workday.

They Believe in a Team Approach

They can’t be masters of everything. We have built a team based on the culture fit which provided us with a diverse team of varying skill sets and experience. They rely on their team to support them and grow as an individual and as a team.

They Always Look Through a Customer Lens

Every decision we make is through the lens of our customers. We ask, “what is the best decision for our customer?” before any decision is made. We put our existing customers before revenue and do not use sale performance as a metric.

Meet Your Colleagues


Ready to join the UE Systems team? Check out our open positions and reach out. We'd love to meet you.