Detecting false air intrusion in the cement industry

False air is a problem afecting almost every cement plant. In simple terms, it refers to the infiltration of air in systems or processes where no air should be present.

Unwanted false air might become a big problem and will have several negative effects:

  • Increase of fuel consumption
  • Operations inneficiency
  • Lower production rates
  • Higher wear of fans

Report: 14 false air leaks found at a cement plan

During an inspection in a cement plant with an ultrasound camera, we could find 14 false air leaks in just a couple hours. Submit your email below to download the false air report with details on all the detected leaks.

False air leaks, being vacuum leaks, are very difficult to find. However, our experience carrying on inspections in cement plants has shown that an ultrasound camera is a very effective method to find false air leaks.

In case you cannot download the report, please feel free to request it directly to