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A major contributor to waste and inefficiency is leaks: both to atmosphere and through valves and steam traps. Improvements to the steam system may include insulating steam and condensate return lines, stopping any steam leaks, and maintaining steam traps. Experts have also said that as much as 20% of the steam generated at the central boiler is lost to leaking or failed steam traps.

The purpose of a successful steam trap inspection programme should be to repair any faulty steam traps and steam leaks that can affect safety, to reduce energy waste and promote sustainability as well as product quality.

Using ultrasound technology
Ultrasound technology is used by maintenance and reliability professionals around the world and is considered to be the most versatile of any predictive maintenance technology. Typical applications for ultrasound include compressed air and gas leak detection, inspection of bearings, motors, gearboxes and valves, electrical inspection of energised electrical equipment, hydraulic applications, and inspection of steam traps.

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