In this course, we will cover:

  • Basics of Lubrication
  • Types of Lubricants and Additives
  • Lubrication Failure Modes and Improvements

Complete Program & Topics

  • Covers Best Practices, standards, and actions
  • Covers Basics of lubrication and how it impacts the life of machinery
  • Covers lubricant cleanliness, viscosity, contaminants, friction, and temperature

  • Covers functions, types, and chemistry of lubricants
  • Covers liquid, solid, and cohesive types of lubrication
  • Covers additives and how they impact lubrication

  • Covers lubricant failure modes, oil, and grease analysis
  • Storage and transport of lubricants
  • ISO cleanliness
  • General rules of applying lubricant
  • Lubrication improvement steps


Course Package Ultrasound Inspector – The basics of building a world-class PdM program

25 April, 2024
Online (Swedish) Training Sessions – Swedish Max 30 attendees


29 - 03 May, 2024
Novotel West Manchester, Manchester, UK CAT II Certified Training Course

CAT II in Spanish

06 - 10 May, 2024
Madrid, Spain CAT I Certified Training Course

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