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FLIR Announces Business and Technology Partnership with UE Systems for Acoustic Imaging Condition Monitoring and Energy Conservation

 Agreement Enables UE Systems and FLIR to Scale Ultrasonic Imaging Solutions for Manufacturing, Utility, and Processing Industries FLIR, part of Teledyne Technologies, and UE Systems, a world leader in ultrasound inspection tools, today announced a business and technology partnership…

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UltraView Acoustic Imaging Camera nominated as Most Innovative Product 2023

It is with great delight that UE Systems receives this nomination for our cutting-edge technology that has been helping industries worldwide. The UltraView, launched in 2022, is an ultrasound camera used for compressed air leaks and partial discharge detection that…

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Detecting Partial Discharge Is Now Easier Than Ever: The Power of Ultrasound Cameras

by UE Systems, Inc. Partial Discharge are a very serious problem. When electrical equipment fails, it can cause large periods of unplanned downtime and even be a life-threatening hazard to the personnel working at an industrial facility. Typical tools used…

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Avoiding Unplanned Downtime: Online Monitor of Critical Bearings

Keeping a close eye on the condition of critical equipment is fundamental in any industrial facility. When critical bearings fail, it almost always leads to unplanned downtime and interrupted production process, costing companies thousands in production loses. In this case…

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Article: Improving Safety by Using Ultrasound for Gas Leak Detection

Industrial gases are critical for the operation of many industries, but at the same time they represent safety hazards, whether it is for their toxicity (carbon monoxide, for example) or for their flammability (natural gas, hydrogen). Having procedures in place…

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Article – Reduce Unplanned Downtime: Learn the Warning Signs of Bearing Failure

The 4 Stages of Failure Bearing failure occurs in 4 distinct stages— the higher the stage, the less likely you will be able to revive it. However, by using the proper tools, you can easily identify the early stages of…

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Article – Ultrasound: The essential tool for predictive maintenance

Ultrasound technology can be used in different applications such as leak detection, steam traps & valves inspection, bearings condition monitoring and electrical inspections. In some cases, for example when trying to evaluate the condition of mechanical or electrical assets, it…

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Article – Compressed Air Leak Detection With Ultrasound: Best practices

Often, when a compressed air system struggles to meet the current demands on the system, spare compressors are rented and used as back-ups or time and effort is placed in installing an additional compressor. Both strategies are expensive. Since compressed…

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Article: Ultrasound and Vibration analysis. Two key elements of predictive maintenance

Vibration analysis has been for many years the technology of choice for maintenance professionals to monitor the condition of rotating assets. However, in the last years ultrasound has also emerged as a very popular technology for condition monitoring. The question…

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