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Motor Fin Mounts for Ultrasonic Inspection

When a good spot to mount a remote access sensor (RAS) or take a reading is not available on an electric motor, UE System’s Motor Fin Mounts may be the perfect solution.

  • Easy Ultrasound Readings
  • Take the Best Possible Reading
  • Take Consistent Readings in Multiple Ways
  • Ensure the Sturdy Installation of Your Mounts

Motor Fin Mounts for Ultrasonic Inspection

Selecting the proper Motor Fin Mount is accomplished by measuring the depth and width of the cooling fins where you want to locate the remote ultrasound sensor.

The Motor Fin Mount needs to be long enough to directly contact the motor case between the fins.

Loctite AA H3300 adhesive is then used to hold the Motor Fin Mount in place.

The Thickness of the Motor Fin Mount should allow contact at the bottom and minimize the amount of adhesive needed.

Recommended Adhesive

Loctite AA H3300

Loctite® Speedbonder® H3300 is a highly thixotropic, two-component, room temperature curing, 1:1 mix ratio, methacrylate adhesive system.

H3300 is formulated to provide fixturing strength within 6-12 minutes.

This adhesive forms resilient bonds and maintains its strength over a wide range of temperatures.

H330 is suitable for bonding a variety of substrates with a minimum of surface preparation.

Purchasing Options

There are TWO different options to purchase the UE System’s Motor Fin Mounts:

  1. Buying idividual units
  2. A complete kit: comes with 40 units (10 of each size) and includes epoxy dispenser and 4 epoxy tubes.

Epoxy and epozxy dispenser can also be purchased separately.


  • Material: Alloy 17-4PH (UNS S17400), Type 630, is a chromium-nickel-copper precipitation-hardening martensitic stainless steel with an addition of niobium. 17-4PH combines high strength and hardness with good corrosion resistance.
  • Type 630 is magnetic in both the solution annealed and precipitation hardened conditions. Type 630 is used for parts requiring corrosion resistance and high strength at room temperature or at temperatures up to 315° C.

See right side

Width (contact point):
See right side

Diameter (mounting surface):
2,54 cm.

Recommended Mounting Adhesive:
Loctite AA H3300 (Sold Separately)

Specifications overview Motor Fin Mounts for Ultrasonic Inspection

Motor Fin Mounts
Diameter: 1.0″ (2.54 cm); Height/Width: See Above
Alloy 17-4PH (UNS S17400), Type 630 martensitic stainless steel

Brochures & Manuals

Optional Accessories

ram Remote Access Module accessory ue systems

RAM: Remote Access Module

Adaptor enabling the Ultraprobe to read RAS Sensors.


Mounting kit for thermal isolation, suitable for Ultra-Trak 750 and RAS sensors.



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Bearing Inspection & Lubrication

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