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Remote IIoT Bearing Monitoring System

  • Monitor bearings 24/7
  • Always connected
  • Early warning of bearing failure
  • Avoid lubrication issues
  • Easy to Install
  • Scalable

The OnTrak is a 16 channel IIoT edge analytic device designed to deliver the earliest warning of bearing failure and lubrication issues, remotely.

Put an end to analyzing healthy bearings

On average, 80-90% of machines run without any impending issue. In fact, the condition measurements do not provide any indication of an upcoming mechanical problem; they just confirm that the machine condition is fine.

The OnTrak real-time bearing and lubrication monitoring system utilizing the Ultra-Trak 750 sensor is designed to provide the earliest warning sign of bearing failure and prevent lubrication issues with simplicity and scale in mind.

The OnTrak solution is ready to guard against unplanned downtime and product loss the minute it is installed. Get real-time prescriptive alerts notifying you of when a bearing requires lubrication, starting to degrade or entering into catastrophic failure with simple, easy to understand visualizations and alert messaging.

The OnTrak is designed for:

  • Bearing condition monitoring
  • Identifying low speed rotating machine defects
  • Prevent Lubrication issues
  • Identify pump cavitation

Ease of Installation

Designed to mount near the assets being monitored, the OnTrak requires fewer cables and installation time than traditional condition monitoring systems. The system is designed to make installation and commissioning as easy as possible – most systems can be up in running in 30 minutes or less!

  • Each OnTrak has a unique ID, simply plug in and connect to internet and data will be streaming in only a few minutes.
  • Add additional OnTrak systems with ease. Simply connect it to power and internet and it is immediately recognized and assigned to your system.
  • Preconfigured with your unique tag ID’s and locations.
  • Prebuilt dashboards and the ability for you to customize as much as you want, receive immediate insights from the moment it is turned on.

“IT” Friendly Communication Options

With three options to connect the OnTrak system, Ethernet, wi-fi, or cellular, gives you options on how to best integrate this system with your existing automation and IT infrastructure.

Built for IIoT

Designed to give you flexibility into how you store and visualize your data.  With built-in functionality supporting REST API calls over an HTTP (or HTTPS), it makes moving data into IBM Watson, Microsoft Azure, AWS, PTC Thingworxs, and other platforms a breeze.

Condition Monitoring in Minutes

It accommodates up to 16 channels and built to scale from one system to hundreds, utilizing unique IDs and factory configuration, simply plug in, connect and data will be streaming in minutes.

OnTrak Cloud™

The optional preconfigured and fully customizable dashboards from the OnTrak Cloud lets you view machine and sensor data on the customizable visualization dashboard via any web browser on any device – phone, tablet, or laptop. Get alerts via email and text messages based on the criteria you select.

  • Use OnTrak cloud device management to see the status of all your connected systems and remotely deploy changes.
  • All data sent to the OnTrak cloud dashboard is timestamped and saved in a database for viewing
    immediately, generating reports, and exporting to CSV files for importing to spreadsheets.
  • Select from a menu of visualization widgets (for example, single value, line charts, tables).

Actionable insights out of the box

The OnTrak provides prescriptive lubrication and health insights:

  • Healthy Bearing – Do Nothing!
  • Lubrication Required – 8dB above baseline indicates a lack of lubrication.
  • Beginning of Failure – 16dB above baseline indicates damage to the bearing – a failure mode beyond lubrication alone.
  • Close to Failure – 35dB above baseline indicates damage to the bearing a failure mode beyond lubrication alone.

Text and email alerts can be sent based on criteria you select. Pre-built alerts for lubrication, early onset of failure and critical failure come standard.

With this IIoT Bearing Condition Monitoring System, unplanned downtime and lubrication issues will be a thing of the past.

Starter Kit:

  • OnTrak system (available with cell, wi-fi or ethernet connection.
  • Up to 16 x Ultra-Trak 750 sensors
  • Pre-configured from factory with your specifications.
  • Pre-built dashboards and alert categories
  • 1 year of OnTrak cloud
  • Technical support & remote expert diagnostics

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Optional Accessories


Mounting kit for thermal isolation, suitable for Ultra-Trak 750 and RAS sensors.



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