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OnTrak & SmartLube

Remote Bearing Monitoring and Precision Lubrication from anywhere, anytime

  • Monitor bearings 24/7
  • Prescriptive bearing insights out-of-the-box
  • SmartLube: Remote Lubrication Assistant
  • Connects to most CMMS, historian and PLC systems
  • Affordable
  • Scalable

Simplifying Online Bearing Lubrication and Health Monitoring

The OnTrak is an IIoT Bearing Monitoring System designed to proactively identify lubrication needs and warn users about bearing issues at the earliest point possible. Together with the SmartLube, it will give users the possibility of lubricating their bearings remotely, based on bearings’ friction levels, from any device, anytime and anywhere.

Over 80% of premature bearing failures are caused by lubrication issues!

With the OnTrak you can manage the life of your bearings by reducing the largest cause of premature bearing failure: lubrication.

The OnTrak solution is ready to guard against unplanned downtime and product loss the minute it is installed. Get real-time prescriptive alerts notifying you of when a bearing requires lubrication, is starting to degrade or entering into catastrophic failure.

SmartLube – Remote and precise lubrication

When the OnTrak is used together with the SmartLube, remote bearing lubrication becomes a reality. In most facilities, there is not enough time to properly manage the lubrication needs of each bearing. The OnTrak & SmartLube can save 95% of the time required for optimal bearing lubrication!

Since the OnTrak constantly monitors bearing friction, it will know exactly when to lubricate and how much lubricant is needed. The SmartLube will then dispense the correct amount of lubricant.

Reaching lubrication excellence is no longer a time-consuming task – lubricate your bearings remotely and from any device, only when they need lubrication, and using the right amount of grease.

Bearing Insights Out-of-the-box

No advanced calculations or analytics are needed. Built-in alerts are based on the bearing baseline to precisely identify when and how much lubrication is required as well as identification of the early onset of bearing failure.

Designed to be Open

Designed to fit into your data ecosystems. With multiple communication and protocol options available, the OnTrak can communicate with almost every CMMS, Historian, and cloud-based applications.


Made for industrial applications and to be maintenance free including the sensors. This along with the low entry cost and the ability to scale from one sensor to thousands means the total cost of ownership of the system is less than traditional online monitoring systems

UE Insights Cloud

The optional pre-configured and fully customizable dashboards from the UE Insights Cloud lets you view machine and sensor data on the customizable visualization dashboard via any web browser on any device – phone, tablet, or laptop. Get alerts via email and text messages based on the criteria you select.

Watch a 13-minute overview and use case

With this IIoT Bearing Condition Monitoring System, unplanned downtime and lubrication issues will be a thing of the past.

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Optional Accessories


Mounting kit for thermal isolation, suitable for Ultra-Trak 750 and RAS sensors.



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