Leaks are Costly

Finding and repairing compressed air leaks is one of the easiest ways to save energy at industrial facilities. And you will be surprised to find out how much leaks actually cost – might be a lot more than you think! And when we talk about special gas like argon, hydrogen etc, then those leaks will be even more costly.

Ultrasound cameras and Leak Survey Reports

Using an ultrasound camera is, today, the most effective and straightforward method of detecting leaks. It’s safe, easy, and since the leaks are directly displayed on the screen, this method is incredibly quick. And you can easily create leak survey reports – an eye opener on how much leaks can really cost!

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All detected leaks are saved as snapshots directly to the cloud and from here you can easily generate a comprehensive leak survey report with data such as estimated leak cost, leak size, distance to leak, leak location photo, etc.

In case you cannot download the leak reports, please feel free to request them directly to info@uesystems.co.uk