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Why ultrasound?
Airborne and structure-borne ultrasound has become a major player in condition monitoring. It was once considered just a leak detector; now more maintenance and reliability professionals are realising all the benefits associated with using ultrasound for condition monitoring applications.

Ultrasound is also well known for its versatility: it can be applied to different domains such as leak detection, bearing condition monitoring and lubrication, inspecting steam traps and electrical inspections.

The surge of ultrasonic sensors
Ultrasonic handheld devices still play an important role, but when we couple the technology with the capabilities that the internet brings, we can create powerful monitoring solutions by using ultrasonic sensors connected to network-enabled devices. The sensors collect data from assets in the form of dB readings and send them to central devices which process the data. This brings a huge potential for improvements on maintenance and reliability programmes. We can now set up alarms, notifications, trend the condition of assets…

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