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Vibration analysis has been for many years the technology of choice for maintenance professionals to monitor the condition of rotating assets. However, in the last years ultrasound has also emerged as a very popular technology for condition monitoring. The question that many are now asking themselves is: which one is best? Ultrasound or vibration? In this article we will focus on the role of ultrasound as a condition monitoring tool, and why using vibration and ultrasound together is the best way to reach excellence in your maintenance practices.

Why vibration analysis?
Vibration analysis is an incredible tool: it detects and measures small vibrations and what is causing them, thus allowing maintenance professionals to detect early failures on rotating equipment. Furthermore, vibration analysis gives us a very deep diagnostic and allows us to identify the failure’s root cause, and thus correct it to avoid further issues in the future. Plus, there are a great number of vibration sensors and solutions on the market to choose for, so maintenance teams can find a solution that is suitable for their needs.

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