Rising Energy Costs Are Here to Stay.

of all compressed air produced is wasted due to leaks

Not only do compressed air leaks cost money, but they also reduce equipment running hours, add unnecessary wear and tear on equipment, and can be a safety risk for employees. With just a simple point and scan, locating and fixing leaks will reduce the concern of rising energy costs, create a safer working environment for employees, and ensure your facility is working at optimal efficiency.

What is Ultrasonic Leak Detection?

As any gas (air, oxygen, nitrogen, etc.) passes through a leak orifice, it generates a turbulent flow with detectable high frequency components. With the right equipment, you can convert inaudible frequencies to be heard through a headset, allowing you to pinpoint the exact location of leaks.

Using the characteristics of ultrasound, locating leaks is fast and easy


Scanning a test area with an Ultraprobe, leaks can be heard through the headset


Follow the sound of the leak. The closer you get to the source, the louder it gets and the higher the decibel (dB) level will read


Keep adjusting the sensitivity level of the Ultraprobe to lead you to the precise location of the leak


Capture the dB level to estimate the leak rate, amount of energy wasted, and the greenhouse gasses associated

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