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Ultrasonic Leak Detection

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Ultrasonic Leak Detection

UE Systems is the world leader in providing ultrasonic instruments & training solutions for predictive maintenance, reliability, condition monitoring and energy saving programs. Being globally represented, here you can discover the best leak detectors for:

  • compressed air leaks detection
  • vacuum leaks
  • any type of gas leak detection.

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Ultrasound tools detect leaks before they stop production.

Ultrasound instruments can be used for many different functions: leak detection (air and any type of gas), vacuum inspections, electrical inspections, valves and steam traps.

It can be applied in various industries and in many facilities. Ultrasound leak detectors are used for safety, environmental, and energy conservation programs.

Fixing leaks can lead to a savage of -31% of energy while increasing efficiency and safety

Leaks can be very expensive. For example, 1 compressed air leak in a factory can cost between 100 and 500 Euros annually in terms of energy loss (based on 7 Bar, 24/7 and 365 days a year).

One simple way to dramatically improve the detection and resolution of any type of leaks (gas, air or vacuum leaks) is using Ultrasound technology like the Ultraprobes.

Ultrasonic Leak Detectors

UE Systems

Find leaks, faster. Save costs, sooner.

Undetected leaks damage equipment and waste money. Ultrasonic Leak Detection allows you to instantly pinpoint the source of any leak, whether gas, air or vacuum.

With just a simple point and scan, you’ll find leaks even in a loud factory setting.

The easiest way to cut energy costs is to stop wasting it. Keep equipment and production running at full capacity.

UE Systems company has a complete program for leak detection with ultrasound technology adapted to all industries.

technical support service ultraprobe uesystems

Technical Support

When you purchase your Ultraprobe or ultrasonic leak detection instrument, UE Systems guarantees technical support.

calibration service ultraprobe uesystems


Having bought your Ultraprobe or ultrasonic instrument, our company can calibrate it in order to guarantee the best results accuracy.

repair service ultraprobe uesystems

Repair Service

UE Systems is the manufacturer of various ultrasonic instruments and has a professional team for reparations ready for helping you.

Predictive maintenance works better with ultrasound technology

Predictive maintenance technology with ultrasound lets you instantly pinpoint leaks, assess bearings, and get early fault detection. You can even use sound to safely monitor electrical systems at all voltages.

Ultrasound technology lets you hear the inner workings of your equipment. There’s no easier way to protect your assets and avoid downtime and costly repairs.

Preventative maintenance with ultrasound is the easiest and most effective way to protect your equipment and prevent unplanned downtime.

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Ultrasound Leak Detection Instruments

ultraprobe 100 leak detection ultrasound

Ultraprobe 100

  • Easy to use
  • Cost-Effective

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ultraprobe 2000 uesystems

Ultraprobe 2 000

  • Frequency tuning
  • Available for ATEX or EX Zones

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ultraprobe 3000 uesystems leak detection ultrasound

Ultraprobe 3 000

  • For Energy Conservation
  • Perform Leak Surveys

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ultraprobe 9000 ue systems leak detection ultrasound

Ultraprobe 9 000

  • Versatile & data collector
  • 9 000 ATEX available

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ultraprobe 10000 ultrasound detection

Ultraprobe 10 000

  • Sound recording
  • Advanced data collection

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ultraprobe 15000 air leak ultrasound instrument ue systems

Ultraprobe 15 000

  • Touchscreen & integrated camera
  • Kit available with 2 powerful tools

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ultraprobe 201 grease caddy ultrasound tool

Ultraprobe 201 Grease Caddy

  • Avoid lubrication issues

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ultraprobe 401 digital grease CADDY PRO

Ultraprobe 401 Digital Grease Caddy PRO

  • Build a lubrication program

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What customers are saying about us

UE Systems Leak Detection with Ultrasound

“With the Ultraprobe 15000 the leaks that have been found are being labelled and reported so we can fix them by planning.
By using the App ‘Leak Survey SideKick’ it is very easy to add photos, detailed description of the leak and the type of leak to create a report. By fixing the leaks that we have found, it already resulted in that one air compressor was working as a backup instead of being online all the time, what resulted in lots of energy savings”. – Wim Struyk, Senior Technician at Twence


“We are using the UE Systems Ultraprobe to reduce leaks on compressed air systems and detecting leaking steam traps in the steam system. Finding compressed air leaks works very well with this ultrasonic tool. You can actually document a compressed air leak effortlessly by using the UE Systems app, where you can monitor what needs repairing, and roll-up cost savings”. – Mark Jonkers, TD Lead at Aviko

“I have been using the Ultraprobe 3000 for almost 5 years for leak detection at my customers. It is an easy and fast way to detect leaks because we listen at a frequency that is above the human hearing range and I can perfectly detect leaks during production with the easy-to-read display panel with calibrated decibel readout. A recent survey resulted (after which I also repaired the leaks) in a saving of 50.000 euros on an annual basis”. – Pim Duterloo, Airsave B.V. Owner

Do you want to take a closer look at the Ultraprobes? We are happy to arrange a personal online demo, where you can see the system working with real-time data.