In these trainings, we will cover:

  • Introduction to Ultrasound Equipment and Theory
  • Establishing Alarm Levels, Baseline Readings, Setting Up Routes
  • Analyze and Record Sound Files
  • Acquiring and Analyzing Data, Generating Reports

Complete Program & Topics

  • Learn and practice the operation of the Ultraprobe
  • Use Ultratrend DMS Software
  • Learn and practice correct data acquisition techniques
  • Set up groups of points to test
  • Upload points into the Ultraprobe
  • Establish baseline readings on a “pilot” group
  • Download and organize the pilot group in DMS
  • Record and store sound files in the pilot group
  • Practice correct data acquisition techniques
  • Use Spectralyzer Software
  • View and import sound files
  • Create a database, take baseline and subsequent reading, download information into DMS, and generate reports
  • Review overall program goals, and work with an instructor to establish a realistic timeline for the implementation of the program based on several test points in the facility


UE Systems Ultrasound Seminar

27 February, 2024
Qatar (Crowne Plaza Doha)

Bootcamp Ultrasound Training Course

05 - 07 March, 2024
KSA Bootcamp

Level I Ultrasound Course

18 - 22 March, 2024
Raipur, India Level I Certified Training Course

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