Instantly detect compromising conditions.

Performing electrical inspections of equipment provides both practical and safety challenges. Sometimes it is impossible to gain access to the test equipment for an accurate diagnosis. Ultrasound is a safe and effective way to inspect your electrical assets at all voltage levels, allowing you to scan enclosed gear before opening for further inspection.

What is Partial Discharge Detection?

Corona, tracking, and arcing can create serious electrical problems. If left untreated, this can cause safety risks and asset failures. These emissions produce high frequency sounds that Ultrasound can detect and translate into audible ranges that can be heard through headphones. These sounds can be recorded and analyzed to help determine severity.

Using the characteristics of ultrasound, detecting electrical failure is safe and easy


Use an ultrasonic instrument to scan electrical gear prior to opening


Ultrasonic instruments can quickly and easily pinpoint the exact location of an electrical discharge

Diagnose & Report

Using ultrasound spectral analysis software helps identify sound patterns related to severity

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