Who Should Attend This Course?

  • Rotating Equipment Inspectors seeking to advance their knowledge in Airborne/Structure Borne Ultrasound Inspection
  • Supervisors
  • Analysts
  • Service Company personnel who perform PdM
  • Service personnel who desire to demonstrate technical and inspection proficiency to their clients

  • Theory of Sound, Basic Physics of Ultrasound, Concepts of Amplitude, Velocity, Wave Modes, Ultrasound Wave Transmission and Effects, Effectiveness of Airborne Ultrasound, Technology Integration, Equipment/Instrument/Software Overview, generalized methods of recording and reporting inspection results. Mechanical Inspection: Considerations of Ultrasonic Generation, Strategies of Mechanical Inspection, Review of Proactive and Predictive Maintenance Concepts, Generic Trouble Shooting Methods, Generic Trending Methods.
    • Physics of Ultrasound
    • Airbourne vs Structure Borne inspection
    • Ultraprobe Sensitivity Validation
    • PF-Curve: Trending & Action Levels
    • Supporting Software: Route Building, Trending, Reporting

  • Inspection of Compressors, Gears, Pumps, Motors, Fans, Isolating Sound Sources, Bearing Inspection/Trending Concepts, typical faults spectrum Analysis. Condition Based Lubrication, Lubrication Starvation, Over Lubrication, Levels of Failure, Monitoring, Data Logging, Sound Analysis and Recording methods, Sound Spectral Analysis, Data Management, Recording and Reporting Results.
    • TWF & FFT Spectrum Foundation
    • Basic Failures symptoms on Ultrasound TWF & FFT
    • Lubrication practices; Identifying lubrication condition, frequency & quantity
    • Supporting Software: TWF & FFT Spectrum Analysis

  • Instrumentation Procedures Review, Case Studies, Practical Experience Review, and General, Specific and Practical Examination
    • Instrumentation Procedures Review
    • Practical Analysis of real-life cases utilizing Ultrasound Resolutions
    • Reporting
    • Review & Discussions
    • Practical Examination


Level I Ultrasound Course

15 - 19 July, 2024
Kolkata, India Level I Certified Training Course

Level II Ultrasound Course

11 - 15 August, 2024
KSA Level II Certified Training Course

Level I Ultrasound Course

16 - 20 September, 2024
Delhi, India Level I Certified Training Course

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