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Curso Online: Mejores Praticas en Lubricación y sus Funciones

Curso online sobre lubricación y cómo puede afectar la fiabilidad en tus instalaciones


Curso Online: Inspección Mecánica y Lubricación

Aprende los conceptos básicos de ejecutar un programa exitoso de inspección macánica y lubricación asistida por ultrasonidos


Curso Online: Inspección Eléctrica

Aprende como usar los ultrasonidos para detectar problemas en equipos eléctricos


Curso Online: Inspección de Purgadores de Vapor

Aprende las bases de un exitoso programa de inspección de purgadores de vapor


Curso Online: Búsqueda e Informes de Fugas de Aire Comprimido

Aprende como ejecutar con succeso una búsqueda de fugasd e aire comprimido y crear el respectivo informe


Learn at your own pace with our Online Courses

Designed by the leaders in airborne/structure borne ultrasound, these online courses are ideally suited for inspectors of all skill levels and experiences who want to learn the basics of using ultrasound technology for specific applications.

Loaded with practical “real-world” information, these courses get down to the basics of how an inspector should plan, test, record and report.

These interactive online courses will provide the information needed in a variety of media – videos, slides, and text with a quiz at the end of each module to gauge knowledge retention.

Available Courses

Lubrication Best Practices and Functions

Module 1 – Introduction

  • Covers best practices, standards and actions
  • Covers basics of lubrication and how it effects the life of machinery
  • Will cover cleanliness, viscosity, contaminants, friction and temperature

Module 2 – Types of Lubricants and Additives

  • Covers functions, types and chemistry of lubricants
  • Covers liquid, solid and cohesive types of lubrication
  • Covers additives and how they affect the lubrication

Module 3 – Lubrication Failure Modes and Improvements

  • Covers lubricant failure modes, oil and grease analysis
  • Storage and transport of lubricants
  • ISO cleanliness
  • General rules of applying lubricant
  • Lubrication improvement steps

Mechanical Inspection & Lubrication

  • Mechanical Inspection: Considerations of Ultrasonic Generation
  • Strategies of Mechanical Inspection
  • Review of Proactive and Predictive Maintenance Concepts
  • Generic Trouble Shooting Methods
  • Generic Trending Methods
  • Inspection of Compressors, Gears, Pumps, Motors, Fans
  • Isolating Sound Sources
  • Bearing Inspection/Trending Concepts
  • Condition Based Lubrication
  • Lubrication Starvation
  • Over Lubrication
  • Levels of Failure
  • Monitoring, Data Logging, Sound Analysis and Recording methods, Sound Spectral Analysis
  • Data Management, Recording and Reporting Results
  • DMS Software Overview
  • Spectralyzer Software Overview

Electrical Inspection

  • Introduction to Ultrasound Technology
  • Basic Physics of Electricity
  • Ionization v. Resistance
  • Equipment Selection & Set-Up
  • Inspection Techniques
  • Sound Recording & Wave Files
  • Route Creation & Data Management
  • Report Generation

Steam Trap Inspection

This course is for you if:

  • You want to learn how to test steam traps
  • If you want to learn what can go wrong with steam traps
  • If you want to learn how to analyze results
  • If you want to learn how to report results
  • If you want to learn how to calculate savings

Areas Covered:

  • Steam Fundamentals
  • Steam Traps
  • Testing Procedures
  • Testing Equipment
  • Identification of Components
  • Documentation
  • Installation “Best Practices”
  • Sizing Steam Traps
  • Flash Steam

Compressed Air Leak Survey

  • How to prepare for the survey
  • How set up your ultrasound instrument
  • How to plan a route
  • How to locate & confirm leaks
  • How to tag leaks
  • How to measure leaks
  • How to download leak information
  • How to use Ultratrend DMS and Compressed Gas Survey software
  • How to report leaks as dollars saved
  • How to report leaks as to carbon emissions saved