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Steam Trap app

Gemakkelijk in gebruik Steam Trap Survey Management tool

  • Creëer makkelijk Steam Survey Rapportage
  • Rapporten gecreëerd vanaf uw telefoon of tablet
  • Condenspot locatie fotos
  • Geschatte condenspot defectie
  • Geschatte kosten per condenspot
  • Rapportage met extensieve Condenspot informatie

Easily create Steam Trap Survey reports from your mobile device

This app lets the user create a steam trap survey report.

Once traps are identified and information is entered, the data can be used to generate a comprehensive Excel report include estimated steam loss, lbs/hour and steam trap location photos (taken with your smartphone or tablet).

This app works with all Ultraprobes manufactured from UE Systems Inc.

Create an extensive report for your Steam Trap Surveys using your phone or tablet

Specificatie overzicht Steam Trap app

Requires iOS 9.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
33.7 MB

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