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Don’t know what Ultraprobe instrument to purchase? Compare analog, digital, and state-of-the-art instrument features and benefits.


Cost Effective Ultrasonic DetectorsUltraprobe Grease CaddysDigital With On-Board MemoryDigital State of the Art PdM Testing
FeaturesUltraprobe 100Ultraprobe 2000Ultraprobe 201 Grease CaddyUltraprobe 401 Digital Grease Caddy ProUltraprobe 3000Ultraprobe 9000Ultraprobe 10,000Ultraprobe 15,000
Analog DisplayLEDNeedleLED
Digital Displayxxxxx
Frequency Tuningxxxx
Spin & Click Controlsxxxx
Touch Screen Display/Controls – Colorx
Download Data Onlyx
Upload & Download Dataxxxx
On-Board Route Reviewxx
Sound Recordingxx
On-Board Sound Analysisx
On-Board IR Thermometerx
ON-Board Camera & Flashx
Laser Pointerx
Strobe Lightx
Ultratrend DMSxxxxx
UE Spectralyzerxx