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Ultra-Trak 750 – Bearing Condition & Lubrication Monitoring Transmitter

Senses ultrasonic amplitude changes and guards against unplanned downtime and product loss

  • Continuously monitoring
  • Senses ultrasonic amplitude changes
  • Early warning of failure
  • Prevent unplanned downtime
  • Avoid lubrication issues
  • Easily connects to exiting monitoring systems

Sense ultrasonic amplitude changes in real-time to prevent lubrication issue and guard against unplanned downtime

The Ultra-Trak 750 is a continuously operating ultrasound sensor and transmitter in one that interfaces with existing plant control and monitoring systems providing real-time sensing of acoustic levels for early warning of bearing failures and lubrication issues.

Ultra-Trak 750 is ready to guard against unplanned downtime and product loss the minute it is installed. Ultra-Trak passively monitors ultrasounds produced by mechanical equipment. It can be readily connected to control and monitoring systems for data trending and alerting, thanks to its 4-20 mA current loop powered output. Ultrasound data is available in plant data historians and/or control systems for trending and analysis with other process parameters.

Housed in stainless steel, the rugged Ultra-Trak 750 is water resistant and dust proof, which means it can be externally mounted in some of the most challenging environments. Couple this with an extraordinarily wide dynamic range of 120 dB and sensitivity adjustment; this sensor is ready to meet your most demanding sensing needs. With the Ultra-Trak, you will gain continuous access to real-time data for early detection of developing mechanical and lubrication issues.

Once the system is connected and functioning properly, the Ultra-Trak 750 should be exposed to the user’s steady state source (ambient condition) of ultrasound. This ultrasonic source should represent a normally functioning bearing.

When a bearing enters the beginning stages of failure, there is an amplitude increase of from 12 to 50 times over a set baseline. Not only can the early stage of bearing failure be monitored and detected, other warning signs can also be noted such as: lack of lubrication, advanced failure and catastrophic failure.

Not only can the early stage of bearing failure be monitored and detected, other warning signs can also be noted such as: lack of lubrication, advanced failure and catastrophic failure.

The levels of change are as follows:
Lubrication failure: 8 db
Beginning stages of bearing failure: 16 db
Catastrophic failure: 35 to 50 db

It’s just that easy!

Ultra-Trak 750 Features:

  • Ultrasound provides early warning of bearing faults in one simple an easy to understand value, perfect for alarming and trending.
  • One sensors covers an entire bearing, no need for additional sensors on different axis.
  • Continuously monitors critical machinery in real-time
  • The loop powered transmitter interfaces with existing alarm, control and monitoring systems.
  • Detects mechanical faults and provides early warning of bearing and gear faults.
  • Prevents lubrication issues with the detection of lack of lubrication and prevents over-lubrication.

Specifications overview Ultra-Trak 750 – Bearing Condition & Lubrication Monitoring Transmitter

Power Supply (loop powered)
18-30 V (30 mA max)
Power Supply (current output)
18-30 V
Current Draw (loop powered)
4-20 mA (25 mA max) 30 mA max proportional to ultrasound signal detection
Current Draw (current output)
30 mA max
Output (loop powered)
Output (current output)
4-20 mA proportional to ultrasound signal detected
Ambient Temperature Range
-4 °F - +158 °F (-20 °C - +70 °C)
Detection Frequency
40 kHz (± 2 kHz)
Non-Volatile Sensitivity Adjustment
Pushbutton contact closure or TTL control signal
RF Shielded (different lengths available)
Method of Attachment
10/32 thread mounting hold
Stainless steel: water resistant & dust proof, meets NEMA 4X requirements. Exceeds IP 64 ratings

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Optional Accessories

isolation-y accessories uesystems


Mounting kit for thermal isolation, suitable for Ultra-Trak 750 and RAS sensors.


Download a copy of the UT750 CE declaration of conformity >

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