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Pump Cavitation Sensor – UltraTrak 850S CD

Smart Analog Sensor designed and optimized to detect cavitation on pumps earlier by measuring the ultrasound produced as cavitation starts to develop the early onset of “bubbles” in the pump

  • Continuously monitor the impact caused by cavitation
  • Provides a simple, single value to trend and alert to determine when cavitation is happening
  • Works with any 0-20ma measurement systems like PLC’s, DCS and SCADA
  • No drilling required, epoxy mounts provide easy installation

Why Use Ultrasound for Cavitation Detection?

Cavitation is a physical phenomenon in which pressure differentials within a flowing liquid can quickly cause the formation of vapor-filled cavities, or “bubbles.” The energy released when the bubbles collapse has the potential to create significant damage to the equipment, which could result in a system failure.

Once cavitation has started, it can often be detected through the human sense of hearing.  Once our ears can detect cavitation, the damage to the pump has already started.

The 850S Cavitation sensors can detect cavitation on pumps earlier by measuring the ultrasound produced as cavitation starts to develop the early onset of “bubbles” in the pump.

What Are the Advantages of Using the UltraTrak 850S CD?

Ultrasound is the most versatile and easiest technology to implement for predictive maintenance. When it comes to applications, it is an easy technology to understand. As we are being driven toward “putting sensors on everything,” it is important that we are not only pulling frequent, up-to-date data from these sensors but that we can also understand what this data means. If we can understand what the data means, then we know what our next steps should be to prevent a potential failure.

Some of the primary benefits of the UltraTrak 850S CD are:

Installation with Ease – The sensor comes with a simple, three (3) wire installation and a removable cable attachment for seamless placement

Leverage your Existing System – Easily connects to your existing PLC, SCADA, DCS, or other plant technology and can be achieved with little technical intervention

No Adjustments – The sensor comes with a patented auto-sensitivity adjustment feature, removing manual adjustment tasks associated with other sensors

Time to Value – Using a trend table time series value, understanding the condition of your assets, and setting alerts is a quick and easy way to start gaining immediate value

Unrivaled Measurement Range – With a full measurement range of 0-100dB, the sensor is built to support all types of centrifugal pumps

Identify Cavitation Before it Causes Damage – With increased sensitivity to detect the smallest bubble created by cavitation, you can take corrective measures before cavitation causes additional damage

Avoid Costly Repairs – The UltraTrak 850S CD can provide the earliest onset of cavitation, allowing you to be proactive and prevent major, irreversible damage to your equipment

Why Invest in theUltraTrak 850S CD?

The UltraTrak 850S CD sensor gives maintenance and reliability teams an easy way to incorporate the power of ultrasound into their existing monitoring technology. The sensors can be installed and connected within 10 minutes and begin trending real-time data – immediately giving teams a reliable and ultra-fast way to continuously monitor the impact of cavitation.

Specifications overview Pump Cavitation Sensor – UltraTrak 850S CD

Power Supply Voltage
23 VDC to 26 VDC
Power Supply Current Draw
30mA DC Max, Typical
Current Output Type
Milliamp DC, Demodulated/Heterodyned
Current Output Compliance Voltage
3.3 VDC
Current Output Response
Linear, Proportional to 0 dB to 100 dB of Change in Detected Ultrasonic Signal
Current Output Range
0.500 mA DC to 16.280 mA DC @ 0.158 mA/dB of Change in Detected Ultrasonic Signal, Typical
dB Output Transfer Function
dB Output = + 6.321 x (Current Output Reading), mA DC - 2.917 dB
Current Output Accuracy
Less Than ±1 dB of Reading, Typical
Ambient Operating Temperature Range
Standard Range = -20 °C to +60 °C , Extended Range = -30 °C to +80 °C (Requires High Temperature Cable)
Current Output (Temperature)
+2 dB @ - 20 °C, -2 dB @ +60 °C, Typical
+3dB @ -30 °C, -4 dB @ +80 °C, Typical
Sensitivity Adjustment
Automatic, Thru the 0 dB to 100 dB Output Range
Connection Cable
3 Wire with Shield Removable (Different Lengths Available)
Cable Lengths
Different Lengths Available
Cable/Housing Connector
Harsh Environment, Meets or Exceeds IP67 and NEMA 6P
Cable/Housing Shielding
Stainless Steel, Water Resistant and Dust Proof, Meets or Exceeds IP67 and NEMA 6P
Method of Attachment
10/32 Mounting Hole

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