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This is the season to be grateful for the people and things in our lives that make life easier, more productive, safer and even more enjoyable. Gratitude makes life less stressful and can be used as a way to recognize those we appreciate and care about. There are benefits to being grateful for both individuals and companies.

It is with that thought in mind that UE Systems wants to express our gratitude to the PdM Technologists who have helped us become the internationally recognized leader in the development of airborne and structure-borne ultrasound detection equipment since 1973.

  • We are grateful for the work they do in keeping plants operating smoothly. This sounds simple, but it is probably the most critical result of their work. When plants are operating smoothly, bells and whistles are not going off. This makes it far too easy to ignore or underestimate the value of the work of the PdM Technologist. Thank you.
  • They can save plants considerably on maintenance. The efforts of PdM Technologists not only help in predicting problematic maintenance issues but can provide assurance when maintenance may not be required. This is a double-edged benefit for clients of UE Systems. For this we are grateful.
  • They minimize downtime and therefore costly delays. The work of the PdM Technologist often has a direct impact on a plant’s bottom line, minimizing downtime. This also often results in meeting deadlines more often and improving customer satisfaction levels. Both we, and our clients, are thankful.
  • They champion PdM & condition monitoring programs. Perhaps no team is more at the forefront of promoting PdM and condition monitoring technology than PdM Technologists. The industry needs cheerleaders and promoters, and we are grateful these folks serve in these roles. Thanks for being such good role models for the technology.
  • They create useful reports. Creating building reports and sharing and celebrating the results of those reports help allow similar programs to continue to grow. They continue to help us build a resume of impressive results for ultrasound use in the industry. We are grateful to have these results to demonstrate capabilities to our clients.
  • They help possibilities become realities. PdM Technologists help possibilities become reality through cutting edge technology that is both practical and useful. Their knowledge, vision, and sense of purpose keep us moving forward. Thanks for this vision and sense of purpose.

At UE Systems we provide ultrasound technology for maintaining plants and keeping things running smoothly. When we are doing things well, it may be under-appreciated. From a company standpoint, we understand. We just want to make sure, however, that individual efforts, like those of PdM Technologists get due credit. We appreciate you.

We hope you will take time throughout the holiday to be grateful for the positive people and circumstances that are impacting your life, or even your business. When gratitude is shown and shared, good things begin to happen. Happy Holidays from all of us at UE Systems.