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UE Systems is deeply grateful for the support received from families, friends, employees, vendors and customers over the years. You all played a significant role in helping us become an internationally recognized leader in the development of structure-borne and airborne ultrasound detection equipment.

Although you don’t often think about being thankful for technology, customers often tell us how our products support their ongoing efforts to save money through premature failure detection, elimination of downtime, increased productivity, and overall lower replacement costs.

We have summarized their input and comments into this list of the top seven reasons to be thankful for ultrasound technology:

ONE: Safe and Accepted Diagnostic Tool

The Ultraprobe® series from UE Systems has been linked to predictive maintenance and energy conservation for over 45 years. Even in the most challenging of environments, Ultrasonic Leak Detectors prove reliable for a variety of purposes:

  • Leak Detection: As a high frequency, short wave signal, ultrasound emissions tend to be localized around the leak site, making it faster and easier to find the source of pressure, vacuum or gas leaks.
  • Mechanical Inspection: Continuous remote monitoring enables ultrasound equipment to assess mechanical functioning and provide early warning of bearing failure.
  • Electrical Inspection: Ultrasound is a crucial safety application, when used for detecting arcing/tracking/corona events that could lead to electrical meltdowns, equipment failure, or fire.
  • Steam Trap Inspection: Poorly functioning steam traps can lead to waste in resources, time and money. Ultrasound is used to check for failed open, closed traps, and leaking by, so systems function at maximum productivity.
  • Valve Inspection: When valves leak or fail, it can be extremely costly in terms of product quality, safety and energy loss. Ultrasound inspection makes it easy to readily determine operating conditions while valves are on-line.
TWO: Reliable Indicator of Potential Problems

Through early detection, ultrasound helps to quickly spot and fix potential problems. This enables companies to:

  • Save money, and realize a quick return on their inspection investment.
  • Engage in more accurate budgeting because they are able to see actual vs. planned use.
  • Increase reliability of equipment functionality.
  • Increase safety for the workforce.
  • Decrease noise, and alerts when there is something of note.
THREE: Aid in Lubrication Monitoring

To prevent lubrication-related bearing failures, ultrasound is used to detect a lack of lubrication or to determine when to stop adding lubrication.

FOUR: Air/Gas Leak Detection

Since this area can be one of the most expensive parts of a plant, ultrasound is an essential adjunct to potential energy conservation and provides an easy way to quantify cost savings.

FIVE: Easy Integration With Other Technologies

Ultrasound can be used with thermographic cameras to determine whether steam traps are functioning at full capacity. When used for leak detection, mechanical analysis and electrical inspection, UE System’s digital Ultraprobe® instruments integrate perfectly with Ultratrend DMS (a powerful data management software), for effective plant-wide reliability and energy conservation. This patented software is the first of its kind to report both carbon footprint and cost reduction, while enabling users to analyze, repair, and report their savings.

SIX: Significant Time Savings

Being able to rely on quality instruments which provide reliable results helps plant personnel make more efficient use of their time. They receive information in a faster manner, which enables them to be proactive and not reactive in crucial situations.

SEVEN: Increased Confidence in Plant Performance

Plant management benefits because relying on ultrasound equipment enables them to know that things are running smoothly even when they are not in the facility. If something does go wrong, the appropriate personnel can be notified so immediate action can be taken.

Again, thank you and Happy Holidays to all.

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