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Compressed Air Survey Course

Go Green and Save Energy! Interested in hosting a Compressed Air Survey course?

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Course Overview

This is a practical course that will not only help your company cut its energy bill, but also demonstrates potential carbon footprint reduction.

Designed by the leaders in airborne/structure borne ultrasound, UE Systems “Conducting an Ultrasound Compressed Air Survey” is ideally suited for inspectors of all skill levels and experiences who want to learn the basics of executing a successful compressed air leak survey.

Loaded with practical “real-world” information, this course gets down to the basics of how an inspector should plan, test, record and report compressed air survey results.

Course Outlines

In this course you’ll learn:

  • How to prepare for the survey
  • How set up your ultrasound instrument
  • How to plan a route
  • How to locate & confirm leaks
  • How to tag leaks
  • How to measure leaks
  • How to download leak information
  • How to use Ultratrend DMS and Compressed Gas Survey software
  • How to report leaks as dollars saved
  • How to report leaks as to carbon emissions saved

Registration & Tuition

If you are interested in hosting a course, contact us.

The Ultrasound Compressed Air classes in the USA are $395.00. Continental Breakfast and Lunch are included.

Students are responsible for their own transportation and hotel accommodations.