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CAT I & CAT II Courses

Learn with the best and become a certified Ultrasound expert

UE Systems offers several application specific training courses for maintenance professionals interested in specific inspection techniques.

These are typically 1-day open enrolment courses – consult our training schedule to check for the next available sessions.

We offer the following courses:

  • Leak Detection Utilising Ultrasound
  • Condition Based Lubrication Utilising Ultrasound
  • Valve & Steam Trap Inspection Utilising Ultrasound

If we do not offer a course you require for training, please contact us about the potential of adding this need in the future.

Leak Detection Utilising Ultrasound

  • Leak Theory
  • Inspection Techniques & Procedures
  • Leak Detection Setup (Practical)
  • Demonstration of Practical Skills
  • Reporting (Leak Survey Reports)

Bearing Inspect & Lubrication Utilising Ultrasound

  • Bearing Inspection & Failure Modes
  • Bearing Trending & Comparison Methods
  • Data Logging & Data Management
  • Sound Recording & Sound Analysis
  • Condition Based Lubrication



Valve and Steam Trap Inspection Utilising Ultrasound

  • Structure-borne Inspection
  • Valve Inspection Techniques
  • Ultrasonic Inspection of Steam Systems
  • Sound Analysis
  • Reporting (Steam Loss Reports)



Interested in hosting a course?

We always prefer real-life experience for our customers in our training classes for best quality.

Ask us for our arrangements if your company is willing to host an open-enrollment class!

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