UE UltraView Software works in tandem with the UltraView LD and UltraView Plus cameras. These software options are designed to enhance your relationship with the UltraView Camera to improve your reliability program. With visual leak dashboards, cost estimates, and the ability to determine the type and severity of partial discharge, this software will expand your knowledge in your facility, putting you in the best position to determine the proper next steps. There are 3 options for this software: the UltraView Cloud, UltraView Viewer Pro, and UltraView Viewer. 1. UltraView Cloud The UltraView Cloud is a machine learning-powered cloud service included with the purchase of an UltraView Camera. Using this software, you can automatically back up and store images and videos taken with the UltraView Camera, further analyze snapshots, display the PRPD (Phase Resolved Partial Discharge) pattern, assess the severity of partial discharge, and receive recommendations for your next course of action. Additionally, the UltraView Cloud automatically creates PDF reports that complement your expertise in maintenance decision making. Data Transmission: Wi-Fi between UltraView Cloud and UltraView Camera, optional USB flash drive Price: Free with the purchase of UltraView Camera 2. UltraView Viewer The UltraView Viewer software is an offline alternative to the UltraView Cloud software, used for viewing and analyzing photos taken with the UltraView Camera. This offline software expands your sound imaging experience by offering various analysis methods for the sound image and signal. The software analyzes leak sizes, costs, and displays the PPRD patten. Data Transmission: USB Flash drive Price: 3. UltraView Viewer Pro The UltraView Viewer Pro is an alternative, offline computer software to the UltraView Cloud, providing all the same functionalities. In addition, the UltraView Viewer Pro software offers advanced machine learning-powered analysis for air leaks and partial discharges. With a direct Wi-Fi connection between a PC and the UltraView Camera, this software enables fast data transfer and eliminates the need for a USB stick altogether. You can also watch the videos recorded with the UltraView Camera in the software. Data Transmission: Wi-Fi between PC and UltraView Camera, optional USB flash drive Price:

Level I – Dubuque, IA

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Ultrasound Level 1 in English

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