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Ultrasonic Bearing Friction, Cavitation and Leak Detection Sensors – UltraTrak 850S Family of Sensors

The simplest and easiest way to add the benefits of ultrasound to your existing measurement and automation systems.


About the 850s

The UltraTrak 850S Sensors are modern ultrasound sensors and transmitters with state-of-the-art onboard data processing designed to detect early onset failures in industrial equipment. More specifically, they are used for high-speed bearings, slow-speed bearings, steam traps and valves, and even cavitation detection! 

All four of these sensors work in tandem with existing plant automation and measurement applications, providing the hardware required to detect changes in ultrasonic amplitude resulting from the degradation of equipment.

How Do They Work?

The UltraTrak 850S Sensors are ready to guard against unplanned downtime and product loss immediately after installation.

The device passively senses ultrasounds produced by mechanical equipment in the form of friction, impacting, and turbulence while processing the decibel level into an analog signal to work seamlessly with existing PLC’s, SCADA, DCS and other automation systems.

This, in turn, supports real-time data trending and alerting, making it possible to detect and address important issues earlier and faster. These sensors also employ Edge Analytics – allowing for in-device data processing, less reliance on cloud computing, and the ability to act on information in real-time.

Easy Installation and Quick Start

We are proud to deliver a flexible and user-friendly device, designed to make it quick and easy for teams to derive value from the 850s as fast as possible. This is achieved, in part, by the following important features:

  • The UltraTrak 850s Sensors come out of the box with an incredibly simple, three (3) wire installation and a removable cable attachment for seamless placement.
  • Connecting the sensors to your existing PLC, SCADA, DCS or other plant technology is easy and can be achieved with little technical intervention.
  • The device is built with precision quality and is encased in stainless steel. The 850s, by its very design, is capable of being installed and used as intended in a wide variety of operating environments.
  • These sensors come with a patented auto-sensitivity adjustment feature, removing the guesswork and pain typically associated with manual adjustment tasks common in other ultrasound sensors.
  • These sensors are built to support high-speed bearings, slow-speed bearings, valves and steam traps, and even detect cavitation, eliminating a lot of manual labor and downtime, while also increasing productivity.

Why Invest in the 850s?

The UltraTrak 850S Sensors give maintenance and reliability teams an easy way to incorporate the power of ultrasound into their existing monitoring technology. The sensors can be installed and connected within 10 minutes – giving teams a reliable and ultra-fast way to start analyzing trends and making better sense of their applications. Adopting a more modernized, reliable process in your facility will increase production dramatically while also preventing downtime.

Common Applications

High-Speed and Slow-Speed Bearing Condition Monitoring & Lubrication

Ultrasound provides a mechanism for detecting early warnings of bearing or lubrication failure.

  • The UltraTrak 850S Sensors can be used on both high and slow bearing speeds – including slow-speed bearings as low as 1 RPM.
  • 60%-80% of bearing failures are lubrication-related. These sensors opens up the ability to quickly identify a lack of lubrication and prevent over-lubrication by providing real-time bearing friction data while greasing is being performed.

Valve and Steam Trap Monitoring

When valves or steam traps leak or fail, it can be extremely costly in terms of product quality, safety and energy loss. The 850s Auto-Sensitivity Adjustment feature enables users to automatically tune into the trap sound and clearly identify leaking or blowing traps and valves.

Inspect Any Type of Steam Trap and Valve

Inverted bucket, thermostatic, thermodynamic, float & thermostatic traps, and one-way valves.

Increase Safety

Avoid the dangers of failing steam traps – water hammer can cause serious damage to your equipment & people.

Process Efficiency & Cost Reduction

Maintain correct temperatures in your process and preserve the lifespan of condensate return lines (water in pipes will cause rusting.)

Cavitation Detection

These sensors detect cavitation.